How To Make Foil Bread Molds

How To Make Foil Bread Molds

When making low carb breads, especially gluten free breads it can be hard sometimes for the bread to hold its shape while baking. Many different bread molds are sold online and in specialty stores to help your bread stay in the shape you want, but most of these molds can be made easily and inexpensive with foil.

Sub Sandwich Foil Molds

To make sub sandwich foil molds cut 5-7 strips into 12 x 4 inch strips. Fold each strip in half making the strips 6 x 4 inch strips.

Next, wrap each strip around a rolling pin to create a cradle for the dough to bake in. Bake the recipe according to the directions in your recipe.

Foil Burger Bun Rings

To make foil burger bun rings cut foil into strips that are about 6 inches wide. Fold the foil in half longways then fold it in half again. Shape the folded strip into a circle about 4 inches in diameter. Lock the end in place by inserting one end into the folded flap of the other end and press the flap together

Foil Burger Bun Molds

To make foil molds for baking burger buns, cut 6-10 pieces of foil into 4 x 10 inch strips. Fold each strip in half to make each strip 4 x 5 inches.

Mold foil strips around the bottom of a 3 inch or 4 inch diameter bowl or mug. Place the holders on a large baking sheet and lightly spray each mold. Bake according to your bread recipe.

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